Until recently, NSW sent a huge proportion of our recycling overseas and interstate. This was never a sustainable or long-term solution, with many countries now decreasing the amount they’ll accept, or refusing to take it completely.

That’s why we need the NSW Government to take charge and ensure our recycling is processed and reused here in NSW. We need a statewide approach.

The NSW Government already collects a waste levy from councils – but right now, only a fraction of that levy is actually being used on waste and recycling solutions!

That’s why ahead of the State Election, we’re calling on the leaders of the major parties to commit to using the waste levy for what it is actually intended, and to invest in solutions that will see our recycling put to good use.

Will you sign the petition now?

Click here to read the petition text:

To Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Opposition leader Michael Daley, and leaders of all Cross-Bench Parties in NSW

By using the waste levy already collected by the NSW Government  and reinvesting it in recycling solutions, our state can develop ways to put our recycling to good use.

We are calling on all parties and candidates standing for election on March 23 to commit to return the Waste Levy to homegrown recycling, resource recovery and waste management. 

We are not asking for more money to achieve these goals:  just for the money already raised as the Waste Levy to be used where we expect – to manage recycling and waste.

It’s time for NSW step up, and reinvest 100% of the Waste Levy to support waste and resource recovery infrastructure, develop markets and innovative solutions.

We have signed this petition because we want our leaders to take meaningful steps to a better, cleaner future in NSW.