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Waste reduction and recycling taken to new heights at local public

Canteen staff, students and teachers at Wheeler Heights Public School on Sydney’s Northern Beaches have taken the lead on recycling and waste reduction, and they have been sharing their success with schools throughout the region.

The canteen recently introduced different recycling bins, while the school introduced composting, worm farms and a vegetable garden.

The school’s canteen also went plastic free, while student sustainability leaders were chosen to help champion the waste reduction initiatives.

The school used to send an average of 51 kilograms of waste to landfill each day. That was cut to a meagre 11kg per day, after the school introduced its waste reduction initiatives.

The school’s canteen manager Sherene LaGasse spoke to other schools about the program and a number have followed suit with their own initiatives.

Several non-government schools are set to adopt waste reduction programs, while Bilgola Public School is attempting to go completely waste free.

“We knew we had to act a few years ago, when we found out our recycling was being sent to landfill. Most schools aren’t recycling at all. It seems like such a good place to start tackling our waste problems,” Sherene said.

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