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Port Macquarie businesses join the circular economy

A Port Macquarie coffee company has joined forces with cafes and a local manufacturer to clean and sort used milk containers and coffee bags, so they can be turned into new products.

DONE Coffee company was the driving force behind the initiative and recruited 15 local cafés from around Port Macquarie to help collect and supply the recycled material for the project.

Local Manufacturer Port Plastics and Tooling came on board to take the recycled resources and turn them into useful products like whipper snipper heads, coasters and bottle openers. More products are now in development.

Thanks to the project, over six cubic metres of material is now being diverted from the waste stream each month, converting positive action into locally manufactured recycled products.

Stewart Clarke from DONE Coffee said the concept behind the project was to treat waste as a resource to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

“It’s all happening locally,” Stew said.

“It’s all the staff at the cafes, collecting and sorting their waste, and its going up the road to a local manufacturer who turns it into something useful.

“It’s about reducing our environmental impact is a very positive way. We want the concept to grow – it’s just common sense.”

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