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Meet Marcello

Marcello is coming out of retirement to design dwellings made from 100% recycled waste

A seasoned recycler, Marcello Serini is an 80 year old from Lismore on the north coast of NSW embarking on an innovative new project which could change the face of the building industry.

A jack of all trades, Marcello has forged a career involving the built environment as well as being a social and environmental planner with a life-long interest in self-sustainable buildings and structures.

Marcello is currently associated with the Department of Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne designing and constructing the ‘Globe Star Dome’, a completely self-sustainable building made with Mincrete.

The ‘Globe Star Dome’ is being designed for dwellings in areas that are prone to environmental extremes such as cyclones, earth quakes and bush fires.

Mincrete, which has a 4 hour fire rating, is also known as ‘green concrete’, and involves the encapsulation of materials bound for landfill, turning waste into resources that are useful, light weight and inert. Invented by John Shelton, Mincrete is comprised of materials such as glass, waste fibre, milk, drink, food cartons, waste paper sludge, shredded medical plastic waste and shredded pineapple waste.

“This project is one small step towards a completely self-sustainable society where we are able to reduce the impact of carbon dioxide on our environment and society,” said Marcello.

“More than 40% of the carbon dioxide produced comes from the built environment so we really need to be looking at ways we can re-design buildings so that they are more environmentally sustainable.”

While the project is in its early stages, Marcello has his sights set high and plans on developing a number of variations of the dome (i.e. single and double story) so they can be used as both homes and businesses.

Marcello believes much more needs to be done by both the state and federal governments to develop a long term solution to waste management and to offset the carbon load upon the environment.

“Both the state and federal governments need to become much more serious about the environment – we are heading for catastrophe; this is what science is showing us.

“Any project or invention focused on reducing the carbon load and re-using waste should receive support and assistance from the government.

“All over the country, we are seeing individuals and councils come up with innovative solutions to waste management. Now we have to go a step further. However, the ball is in the state government’s court.”

You can read more about Marcello’s project here:


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