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Meet Rikki

Founder of WAW handplanes, Rikki Gilbey, Sydney, has been creating handplanes from sustainable, recycled and reclaimed timber and neoprene for the last five years.
In 2017 he embarked on a new mission to create bodysurfing handplanes out of the plastic waste he finds on the beach each and every time he goes for a surf. Read More

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Meet Stefanie

Stefanie Cook is an upper-primary school teacher from the Snowy Mountains, who has led the rollout of a series of recycling initiatives for students and teachers at St Patricks Catholic School.
An avid recycler, Stefanie, who has been recycling at home for as long as she can remember, recently turned her attention to how she could encourage the staff and students at St Patricks to reuse and recycle waste. Read More

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Meet Marcello

Marcello is coming out of retirement to design dwellings made from 100% recycled waste.

A seasoned recycler, Marcello Serini is an 80 year old from Lismore on the north coast of NSW embarking on an innovative new project which could change the face of the building industry. Read More

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Central Coast Council

Central Coast Council, who recently endorsed the Save Our Recycling Campaign, is turning recycled tyres into roads in a bid to reduce the thousands of tonnes of tyres which end up in landfill each year.

Each year in Australia, a whopping 56 million tyres reach the end of their life, with only a small percentage of these recycled domestically. Two thirds of used tyres in Australia end up in either landfill, are stockpiled or illegally dumped. Read More

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