We need to rethink recycling

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NSW is being overrun with recycling

People in NSW understand the importance of recycling and are doing their bit every day to reduce their waste.

But despite their efforts, the amount of waste we’re generating is increasing and recycling and waste diversion rates are flat.

Our own waste and recycling infrastructure is barely keeping up with demand and we can no longer send our recycling overseas for other countries to process.  We need to act now.

The NSW Government collects more than $700 million every year through the Waste Levy. It’s time to put that money to good use to help support local government to strengthen our recycling services and build a circular economy in NSW.

Waste is a product, not a problem

Waste can be turned into all sort of things that our state needs like roads, oil, energy and transport infrastructure – even furniture. With the Government’s support, we can reinvest the Waste Levy to recycle and reuse our waste here in NSW and help build a circular economy!

Read our report that explains what’s needed to help improve waste and recycling across NSW At the Crossroads – the State of Waste and Recycling in NSW.


Fund a state-wide education program to help residents recycle and encourage markets for recycled products.


Governments lead the way in buying locally recycled products, creating new markets and encouraging investment and jobs.


Reinvest the Waste Levy in recycling strategies rolled out by local councils across the state, investing in the infrastructure and services we need to recycle our waste locally.

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