Across NSW residents are committed to recycling – it’s a practical way to do our bit for the environment!

But until now we’ve been sending lots of our recycling overseas and interstate.

That’s why we urgently need a state-wide approach to collect, process and reuse recyclable material here in NSW.

A state-wide approach to reuse our recycling would generate new jobs and new industries, and create a circular economy to manage our waste, right here in NSW.

And the good news is we can do it at no extra cost to taxpayers.

The NSW Government already collects hundreds of millions of dollars through its Waste Levy every single year. But only a small proportion is reinvested in waste and recycling.

With that money, NSW could develop a modern smart, homegrown resource recovery and recycling industry, establishing more innovative recycling facilities, producing packaging and products that are easier to recycle and reuse.

That’s why we’re calling on all candidates running in the state election to reinvest 100% of the Waste Levy into a statewide approach to waste and recycling.

Will you join recyclers across NSW in demanding action to Save Our Recycling?