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Recycling in NSW is at a crossroads. For years we have exported our recyclable materials overseas, but other countries will no longer accept it. We need urgent action.

Our state needs to start managing our recycling here in NSW. The government already has the funds collected from the Waste Levy – funds we can use to make waste a product, not a problem.

Ahead of the 2020 State Budget, the Save Our Recycling campaign is asking the NSW Government to Educate, Innovate and Invest in waste and recycling solutions:

  • Educate people in NSW about the right way to recycle
  • Innovate by becoming leaders and supporting markets for recycled goods
  • Invest in plans and infrastructure to process recycling onshore

Read our report that explains what’s needed to help improve waste and recycling across NSW At the Crossroads – the State of Waste and Recycling in NSW.

Join the campaign and tell our government to make waste and recycling a budget priority!